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See the rock and Santorini

SANTORINI. A Land Burnt Solid

On Santorini, instinct does not follow wild nature, which shattered the island, but human creativity proffered its powers to make the geophysical partition to bear the 'fruits', harmony and lyricism. Santorini, a group of five islands, Thira , Aspronisi and Thirasia circling the caldera, as well as Palaia and Nea Kameni, are the southernmost of the Cyclades.

On first sight, you realise it is a singular and contradictory place, rugged but hospitable, tragic but charming...so too its wines, mellow but strong, at once perfumed and wild. So too, the small quanties of fruit mean exceptional quality. The beauty of Santorini is the imprint of calamities endured.

Santorini, gastronomy and wine:

Cultivation of the earth was the foundation of the economy before tourism, despite the lack of water and the rocky landscape. Crops still harvested include cereals and pulses, mainly wheat and split pea, as well as cotton, tomatoes and, of course, grapes, which have given the island's sole exportable farm product, the wine, renown since ancient times, of Santorini.